Milette Dolls Created by Natascha

Small cabinet size dolls dressed authentically to the era (1800s). They include chemises, petticoats, pantiloons, fashion clothing, hats and accessories to match.

Jumeau Lyric

Jumeau Lyric

Precious Jumeau Bebe. more details »

Jumeau E.J.Dollin

Jumeau EJ Dollin (dollini)

Splendid EJ by Emile Jumueau. more details »

A.T. Redhead Silver

AT Redhead Silver

Beloved AT Thuillier. more details »

Blonde Silver

Beloved AT Thuillier. more details »

Bebe Charmant

more details »

Jumeau Lacie

Incised Depose Jumea thought to be made when Jumeau first started making his own porcelain heads. These fine Incised Jumeaus were made by the father Pierre Francoise Jumeau, before Emile took over. They are dated around 1875-76. more details »

Bru Shandele

Marked Bru Jne 11. more details »

RD Moline

This doll, marked RD was made by Rabery and Delphieu. This company made dolls over a long period of time, probably from 1856-1925. more details »

Kahli Steiner

Marked: Paris, Le Parisien A19. Precious bebe 1890 by JN Steiner. more details »


RD Moline II

RD Moline II

Marked R5/0D was one of the more beautiful and interesting dolls. The French firm of Rabery & Delphieu, produced dolls 1856-1925. Jean Delphieu was succeeded by his son-in-law, Alexander Rabery, in 1874 which reached award winning levels during 1880-1890. The success came after Rabery & Delphieu stated producing their own heads rather than continuing to purchase bisque heads from Francois. more details »

Jumeau Screamer

Jumeau Sceamer

Jumeau produced character heads in the 1890's which at first were automata heads commissioned by the firm of Leopold Lambert. Later Emile-Louis Jumeau decided to produce these character heads. They were still produced in 1900 when Jumeau merged into the SFBJ company. One of the most distinctive of the series is model 211, the wailing child better known as the screamer. more details »